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Volvo 1800 (two) for sale in Texas - July 2007

UPDATE! July 16, 2007 - George McDonald, Volvo restoration master from Houston, Texas, has inspected these two classic coupes and will share his discoveries with just a ring to his cell phone at 713-503-4708.

Good luck!


George Dill here in Temple, Texas, on this fine July day in 2007 75F and showers!

I am the go-between (no fee) for the owner on this transaction as she prefers to deal with motivated buyers. The cars are located 15 miles east of Beaumont, Texas.

This is a package deal both cars for $10,000 US cash firm. The new owner will need a two-car transporter and must secure cars at point-of-sale.

All interested parties may contact me anytime.

George Dill 254-541-2199 mobile.

Below is a brief history on these two Volvo classics.


This grey 1970 1800E was bought in a fit of sentimental memories when we brought home my first car (see 1972 1800E below). I bought the car sight unseen from the seller who had completed 75% of the restoration. I then hired the seller's friend to finish the restoration. Lucky for me the guy was honest and knew what he was doing (car and guy who finished it were both in Missouri.) The car was then shipped to me a couple of years ago and mostly sits covered in the garage as I am not going to let my teenagers drive it and it just doesn't fit in with my present life (driving a diesel Excursion pulling a horse trailer on most weekends.) This classic Volvo runs fine but sure feels small when you are used to driving a tank. VIN #184451030883. I have the certificate of title ready for transfer.

(1972 1800E - not shown)

1972 1800E was bought new by my father and then given to me around 1982. I had the seats reupholstered about 1984. When I finished law school I decided to have the car totally repainted and there the trouble begins. I paid the guy up front for the job that was never completed. Upon starting a new career, marriage and kids I gave the car little priority and it was eventually "stored" by the guy who was supposed to have painted it. We tracked it down a couple years ago and brought it home where it now sits. Most of the parts taken off (for the intended paint job) are in the trunk or the back seat. It ran great BEFORE the intended paint job but has not been driven/started for over 15 years. Never been wrecked. Original color: yellow exterior, black interior. Exterior is now primer.

(more pics of the 1970E below)